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2022-06-24 02:34Street basketball expert
Summary: Who do you think has the strongest basketball ability among the slam dunksThe strongest basketball player is Sakuragi road. As we all know, when Sakuragi road first joined the basketball team, he real
Who do you think has the strongest basketball ability among the slam dunks
The strongest basketball player is Sakuragi road. As we all know, when Sakuragi road first joined the basketball team, he really learned basketball without foundation. But the progress of Cherry Blossom path is rapidWho is the strongest character in dunk master
For the battle in Northern Hunan, Jin Shen's defense and his judgment on defense still reveal how top he is. For others, the 197 height wild side can give full play to its strength and position advantage to ensure rebounds, while the "defense expert" warehouse has enough physical strength to chase and defend key opponents. As far as personal defense is concernedWhat is the character introduction of dunk master
After graduating from Beicun middle school, I fell in love with basketball from primary school and poured all my enthusiasm into basketball. My dream is to "dominate the country". Kanagawa PrefecDunk expert basketball expert  everyone knowsture's best center is also first-class in Japan. Many experts have commented that, cDunk expert basketball expert  everyone knowsompared Dunk expert basketball expert  everyone knowswith a strong attack, the most powerful thing about him is his defensive skills like an iron wallWho are the most capable people in dunk master
There are many talented players in slam dunk master, including the old generation of overlords such as Yashi Kawada, Rongji Zebei, and Mu Shen, as well as rising stars such as Mori chongkuan, maple Liuchuan, and cherry blossom path. Let's talk about the five strongest people in my heartHow to rank the coaches of each basketball team in slam dunk master? Who is the number one in your mind_ Baidu knows
Speaking of slam dunk master, my personal ranking of coaches of basketball teams is as follows: Coach Anxi > Maoyi Tiangang > Takero tomoto > Kitano > Fujimori Kenji. In my mind, among these coaches, the No. 1 one should be coach Anxi. After all, this coach is a former coach of the Japanese national teamWho has the most comprehensive basketball skills among the dunk masters
I saw the end of the slam dunk master from Japan, which is the final outcome. The book gives the highest evaluation to Sendao, because later they represented Japan in the Asian Youth Championship, and the result was that Japan lost to China and won the second place. Sendao is the captain of this team. He is also the only player who did not participate in the Japanese high school leagueSlam dunk expert: when Shanwang fought against Xiangbei, Yi zhicang Cong had only one steal? I thought I was a defensive expert
The master of dunking must be an animation that everyone has seen since childhood. This is a very hot-blooded sports basketball animation. Because this animation is also relatively early, it has even become a reason for the beginning of our childhood basketball dream. In fact, there is a recognized defense expert among the slam dunksWho has the most comprehensive basketball skills among the slam dunks
First of all, my favorite is Mitsui ~ ~ but I don't think he is the best player ~ ~ in terms of position, the height of the striker can be competent in five positions, while those playing other positions are not so flexible, so the skills of the striker are more diversified It's OK for Mitsui to play forward, but if the center is not tall enough, the defense will sufferHow to analyze the value of Shin Chang QinDunk expert basketball expert  everyone knowsgtian as a basketball player of Hainan team in slam dunk master
In slam dunk master, Northern Hunan lost to several teams. Apart from two practice matches with the main teams of Lingnan and Changcheng high school, and the exhausted love and peace battle against queen Shan, there is only one county competition against Hainan. Except for Akagi's injury in the middle of the gameMu Shenyi and Ze Bei, the top basketball players in slam dunk master, whose skills are better_ Hundred
In slam dunk master, there have been many King level players. They are recognized as masters in the country. They are strong players who can be seen at a glance wherever they go. The well-known ones here are Mu Shenyi of Hainan team and Zebei Rongzhi of Shanwang industry. Mu Shenyi is an expert who can be recognized in Aichi county when he goes out by train
Dunk expert basketball expert everyone knows

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