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Lakers' analysis of rocket basketball experts

2022-07-03 20:55Street basketball expert
Summary: Which is better, the NBA rockets or the Lakers? (overall)Rockets. On Friday, October 31, 2008, the rockets and Mavericks won 112-1022 consecutive games in the regular season, Yao Ming 30, Artest 29, M
Which is better, the NBA rockets or the Lakers? (overall)
Rockets. On Friday, October 31, 2008, the rockets and Mavericks won 112-1022 consecutive games in the regular season, Yao Ming 30, Artest 29, McGrady 16, October 30, 2008, Thursday, the Grizzlies Rockets won 82-71 in the regular season, and the season started well LZ. The RocketsLakers' analysis of rocket basketball experts in 2009 are worth looking forward to, and their overall strength is the strongestRockets and Lakers strength analysis, game result prediction
First of all, the variable that the Rockets' strength is inferior to the Lakers' rockets is whether Brooks will play smarter. Maybe his running ability can give Fisher a headache At the same time, when Artest focuses on defending Kobe Bryant, how much will his offensive firepower be affectedThe score prediction of rockets and Lakers
The Rockets beat the Blazers 4-2 to enter the Western Conference semifinals, but it is almost impossible to enter the Western Conference finals (that is, the semifinals), because the next thing they have to face is that the Lakers beat Kobe Bryant and his Lakers with the current strength of the Rockets. It is basically impossible to break the spell of the first round anyway. It is a progressive timeStrength analysis of Lakers and rockets
The aging sun, the old enemy calf and the aging spurs. The Lakers, rockets, jazz and Hornets are on the rise. They will be the new force that can't be ignored in the West. But among these four teams, it is obvious that the more mature Lakers with the experience oLakers' analysis of rocket basketball expertsf the finals are more terrifyingHow did the Lakers perform in this game after five consecutive defeats agLakers' analysis of rocket basketball expertsainst the Rockets
The Lakers performed well in this game. The Lakers finally waited for a long lost victory, ending their embarrassing five game losing streak. The Lakers defeated the Houston Rockets 132-123. After the return of the Lakers' scoring points, the Lakers' offense will be at least much better. James doesn't need to play every ball by himselfHow did James perform as a center when the Lakers played against the Rockets
And James' cooperation effect with Wei Shao was good, Wei Shao also got three doubles, and played a good connection effect with old Zhan at the last moment. Secondly, the Lakers' interim coach fitzdale said after the game that they would play a small team recently, so they gave up playing center for the time being. Neither Warcraft nor Jordan played against the RocketsThe Lakers easily won the Rockets, with Davis 27 points and harden 20 points. How do you evaluLakers' analysis of rocket basketball expertsate this game
So he didn't train with the other team members for a long time, and didn't have a good chemical reaction with the team's new recruits. But now harden is also satisfied with the strength of the team. He has safely returned to the team. Give the Rockets a period of time, I believe this team will be strongerPlease analyze: who is the most likely to win the Rockets Lakers game 7
But the defense is still very good. As long as Brooks can ensure the hit rate, the Rockets still have hope. In general, the Lakers have a big winning chance. This analysis makes me very painful, because I hope the Lakers lose and the Rockets win. I want to see Bynum cry!!! But objectively speaking, the Lakers are more likely to winIf the Lakers fail to win the championship because of the Rockets, how should they strengthen themselves
In addition, the Lakers' outside defense is too weak, and the Rockets' three-point shooting system is very restrained. Moreover, the Rockets' ability to turn steals into fast attacks is second to none in the league, and the Lakers' big men are always caught off guard. Therefore, becala Crick, a basketball expert of American media nbatrade, believes thatWho has the advantage over the Lakers
In general, the Rockets' promotion against the Lakers may be very small, but as long as the Rockets play a beautiful game ~ ~ it's better to win ~ although the Rockets' 07-08 season has ended, this is a great season, and the next work is to trade or draft to enhance the strength of the team
Lakers' analysis of rocket basketball experts

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