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Sina basketball expert not a plug-in problem

2022-06-30 20:04Street basketball expert
Summary: When you open Sina NBA Live text room, you will always jump to NBA score live broadcast once it is displayed. It is not a plug-in problemBasketball expert big mouth lottery NBA Live Broadcast promotio
When you open Sina NBA Live teSina basketball expert  not a plug-in problemxt room, you will always jump to NBA score live broadcast once it is displayed. It is not a plug-in problem
Basketball expert big mouth lottery NBA Live Broadcast promotion: Lakers vs Celtics sports 19:28, June 15, 2010 Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics game time: 09:00, June 16 lottery index: Lakers give 6.5 points lottery recommendation: Los Angeles Lakers. At present, the Lakers make a bid for the Asian set
The most accurate expert in basketball prediction
This thing is unpredictaSina basketball expert  not a plug-in problemble. Even if it is predicted, it is blind. Few people can really predict it
Who is the host with a thick nasal voice with a bald head and glassesSina basketball expert  not a plug-in problem in the Sina NBA Live Room
Wang Meng: graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University, he has been engaged in sports media since Southern sports. He used to be the resident basketball reporter of Titan Sports Weekly in Houston. He is the reporter who has the longest time for Chinese media to station in the NBA and has the largest number of on-site interviewsWho else does Sina basketball sports host besides Ke fan
Wang xiaochen'en
Who is the best commentator in the basketball live broadcasting industry
Since he entered the NBA's official Chinese website in 2007, he was later transferred to Sina NBA to explain. He was accompanied by well-known domestic basketball commentators such as Zhang Weiping, Yang Yi and Su Qun. He benefited a lot and made rapid progress. Due to improper remarks in the live broadcast, Ke fan was temporarily suspended from his post for self-examination and is now explaining the CBA. CCTV ace commentatorSina NBA basketball manager introduction! 3Q
In fact, there are many ways for Sina basketball managers to make money, such as participating in exhibition matches, winner is king bonus matches, brushing jerseys, etc., but these are related to your team's achievements. As a newcomer, you should quickly accumulate a certain amount of capital - "capital" or "players" in the early stage! One of the twoSina explains who are the female guests in the NBA all star weekend shooting, skills, three points and slam dunk contest_ Baidu
Zhangyanan, a basketball baby from the zero star cheerleading team, is a basketball beauty full of vitality. She not only dances well, but also knows that she is a girl who loves playing basketball. With excellent ball skills, she also won the first place as a basketball baby in the peak basketball career. In ordinary times, she is always cool. She turns into a basketball girl in front of the camera, brilliantWhat is the level of zhangwenjing's basketball commentary in Sina's NBA column
It's too cold and objective to make people feel that what he said is not basketball as you understandSina basketball expert  not a plug-in problem it. Speaking more popularly, he lacks the love that most fans have in their bonesHow many hosts are there in Sina NBA Live? How many commentators are there? Introduce them separately
The host's name is Ke fan. The commentators often change. Basically, Yang Yi, Ma Jian and Su Qun have all been here. Ma Jian is the most. Every time, they are basically Ke fan and Ma JianWho is the video commentary of sina NBA basketball
There are many. The host is Ke fan or travels around. There are many guests, such as Su Qun, Ma Jian, Yang Yi, etc~~
Sina basketball expert not a plug-in problem

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