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Expert follow-up after basketball ankle fracture

2022-06-23 03:53Street basketball expert
Summary: I broke my ankle for a year because of professional basketball training, but I haven't recovered. I'm going to Beijing Medical University recentlyOrthopaedics, sureAbout ankle fracture recoveryA
I broke my ankle for a year because of professional basketball training, but I haven't recovered. I'm going to Beijing Medical University recently
Orthopaedics, sure
About ankle fracture recovery
Ankle fractures are more or less accompanied by ligament strain. According to the anatomical structure of the medial and lateral malleolus, the lateral malleolus is more likely to be injured. LZ is talking about ligament injury. The traditional saying is tendon injury. It is a common complication of fractureToday, I was playing basketball with my classmates. I accidentally hurt myself. What should I do if I break my ankle
Don't worry! It's your first time to meet this kind of situation? Take good care of yourself after injury. If the swelling is very large or it is really a fracture, you must see a doctor! If the surface is only swollen, do not walk for too long (your feet should not be too heavy)I broke my ankle while playing basketball. I had been in a plaster cast for 2 months. After walking for a month, I still couldn't bend my ankle freely
Fracture is a serious thing. I had a broken hand. Still playing in plaster, but it will bring sequelae. Fortunately, it was during the development period, and the bones grew well. My left hand was still protected. But there is still a small problem with the wrist. I suggest you use crutches to walk. You'd better not walk and rest for a whileAsk to play basketball to cause right ankle to tear off sex fracture, inside has tiny fragment to fall off, how long can be discharged? And
For your reference, I stepped on the instep of others' feet when I made a jump shot last year. My left ankle was fractured and cracked. The hospital put me in a plaster cast without saying a word. It said that it would be good to remove it in three months. The next day, I went to the physical therapy center next to the school. I applied traditional Chinese medicine every day, and then used medium frequency instruments and acupuncture electrotherapyHow should play basketball ankle fracture restore? What should we pay attention to during this period? What should I eat betterExpert follow-up after basketball ankle fracture_ Hundred
Ankle fracture is very troublesome. It should be noted that if the alignment is good, plaster external fixation is OK. If the fracture is serious, it should be determined according to the X-ray film. At ordinary times, it is OK to pay attention to the elevation of lower limbs and eat some calcium tablets and Panax notoginseng tabletsAfter playing basketball with ankle fracture and removing plaster, how long can the expert return to work
I have also encountered the situation you mentioned before. I also broke my basketball foot. After removing the plaster, I have to adapt to the other injured foot. It will take more than a month to move the injured footThe 23-year-old boy sprained his ankle playing basketball. The film doctor said that he was suspected of avulsion fracture of his left ankle. He was given a cast and let
After 100 days of physical injury, you can walk out of bed now, but don't walk too long. Start from 10 minutes. If you feel that your feet can't stand iExpert follow-up after basketball ankle fracturet, you can rest. However, you can't do strenuous activities in these three months, otherwise you will often have problems in the futureI've broken my ankle for 100 days playing basketball. Now I'm still lame. It's difficult to go down the stairs. May I ask
It's a pity to be in the same boat. Mine is just fine. I don't dare to walk hard. I suggest you drink more bone soup, which can strengthen the bones. You should put your mind well. You can apply hot water to promote blood circulation. It's good to massage your feet and legs when you're free. I hope it can help you. I wish you a speedy recoveryBasketball ankle fracture, has been 100 days, the ankle can not bend freely, can my foot recover? How to enter
Plaster fixation, how did you handle it? I feel the same as the first floor. Did you stay at home for 100 days? It has been 6 weeks since my fracture! I've been walking on the ground. I've taken 5 photos in the past 6 weeks! Just to see how the bones align? If it doesn't grow well! That's a big deal! Your ankles must not be damaged
Expert follow-up after basketball ankle fracture

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