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American basketball experts on Yao Ming

2022-06-28 04:29Street basketball expert
Summary: Now some experts in the United States say that Yao Ming has gigantism, and it will not be long before he quits his career. Do you agreeNBA experts in the United States speculated that it was another c
Now some experts in the United States say that Yao Ming has gigantism, and it will not be long before he quits his career. Do you agree
NBA experts in the United States speculated that it was anotAmerican basketball experts on Yao Mingher case of "Yao Hei". Falling into trouble is not the patent of the Chinese people, Charles, chief columnist of Fox Sports in the United States Rosen, in the new year, concocted a shocking statement that "Yao Ming is a giant", which not only angered all Chinese basketball fans, but also angered Yao Ming who was recovering from injuryWhat kind of level is Yao Ming in the hearts of American fans
Before, many friends asked me this question backstage. Today, let's answer it. In fact, Yao Ming has a very high reputation in the United States, which is no less than some NBA data + honor maniacs. Why is this? First of all, let'American basketball experts on Yao Mings talk about basketball skills. American fans are very competitive. When Yao Ming just landed in the NBAFor Houston people, what is their attitude towards Yao Ming
Even after Yao Ming retired, there are still many Chinese fans obsessed with the "Yao Mai complex". Looking back on Yao Ming's nearly 10 years in Houston Rockets, he has changed from CBA king to NBA champion, and from a Chinese superstar to a world-class superstar. He made countless Chinese children like basketballWhat is Houston's attitude towards Yao Ming
So as a home fan, Yao Ming's performance is certainly crazy. The fans cheer for him, shout for him, and enjoy the fun of basketball brought by Yao Ming. Although the Rockets have an average ball Market, they obviously will not spare their support for their home team stars. Yao Ming makes Hughes fans proud. Just like Chinese fansHow much did Francis help YAmerican basketball experts on Yao Mingao Ming
In addition to thinking about Yao Ming all the time on the court, Francis outside the court takes Yao Ming as his brother. In order to help him quickly adapt to the American basketball culture and integrate into the NBA environment, Francis basically pulls Yao Ming to train with him and explain tactics to himWhen Yao Ming won the first place in the NBA, what was the reaction of American fans
In fact, in the American basketball culture at that time, Yao Ming was dissatisfied with becoming the No. 1 player in the American media in 2002. According to the concept of Americans, the good players in their mind should come from the American basketball system, but Yao Ming is the first non American college basketball champion in NBA history. When the Houston Rockets decided to choose Yao Ming and No. 1How high is Yao Ming in the hearts of Americans? Why do Americans love Yao Ming so much
Yao Ming can be said to be the most successful basketball player in China. Not only is he very powerful in China, but the NBA in the United States is also the only Chinese player in the hall of fame. It can be seen how much Americans love Yao Ming. The reason why Americans like Yao Ming is that his basketball skills are very good. Yao Ming is the center of the RocketsWhat was the reaction of American fans when Yao Ming was selected as the No. 1 player in 2002
Although Yao Ming's referee report was quite beneficial to Yao Ming, in the United States where the Internet had not developed at that time, fans did not even hear Yao Ming's name, so it was definitely against a Chinese player being elected the No. 1 player. Before Yao Ming, many American fans and experts believed that the yellow race was not suitable for playing in the NBAHow good would Francis have been to Yao Ming
Francis, a warm and kind-hearted professional basketball player born in the United States in 1977, is affectionately called "Francis" because FranciAmerican basketball experts on Yao Mings is the boss of Yao Ming as the NBA rookie season, and Francis takes great care of Yao Ming. Chinese fans follow Yao Ming and call him "Francis"What is the true level of Yao Ming in the minds of American fans
Yao Ming's excellent performance, his belief and dedication to basketball have been recognized by many American fans. 2: Yao Ming's willpower and fighting spirit in the Western semi-finals G1 of 2009, when the Rockets played the Lakers in the last 5 minutes of the game, Yao Ming fell to the ground due to Bryant's accidental injury during a defense
American basketball experts on Yao Ming

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