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2022-06-27 07:52Street basketball expert
Summary: Which one of the basketball game's most exciting and impressiveMcGrady won the Spurs in 35 seconds and 13 minutes. I believe many people will immediately think of this ball when they mention the go
Which one of the basketball game's most exciting and impressive
McGrady won the Spurs in 35 seconds and 13 minutes. I believe many people will immediately think of this ball when they mention the goal. The vast majority of domestic fans have not seen the live broadcast of this game. It was December 9, 2004. The domestic NBA broadcasting is far less developed and comprehensive than it is nowDo you know which of the five NBA classics are
On the basketball court, don't jump to conclusions until the last moment of the game, because you don't know what miracles will happen next, especially in the NBA. NBA has classic winning pictures in every era. Jordan won the championship by winning the jump shot in the finals, Fisher won the championship in 0.4 seconds, and Miller won the championship in 8.9 secondsWhat are the best moments for the Chinese men's basketball team
No3: Yao Ming blocked the United States. In his career, Yao Ming did not defeat the powerful American team, but this victory did Expert shot basketballnot happen on the stage of the world championships and the Olympic Games, but in the 2001 World University Games, in that UniversiadeIs there an extra time for the basketball show
Yes, no matter what basketball game has the same score, there must be extra time after the game. Which game in the NBA is a draw
What is a basketball game called a kill ball? What is a quasi - kill ball
A goal winner means that the goal leader whistles the match time at the same time. In a basketball game, a shot to kill is usually the last shot forward, the attacker's score is behind or even, the last shot is thrown into the reverse or ahead of the score, and the red light of the ball shot game timer is on, and the game is over, leaving no time for the defenderWhat is basketball
"Kill" usually means that both sides of the game clench the points at the last moment before the end of the game (the difference between points is generally no more than 3 points). In the last offensive midfield, NBA players complete an effective score and reverse the score to end the game. Such a decisive ball is called a kill ball, if it leaves little time for the other sideIn the history of NBA, who is the winner of the regular season
8. MiExpert shot basketballchael. Jordan: Nine kills. The reason why Jordan is called the God of basketball is not only related to his leading the bulls to win two three consecutive championships, but also closely related to his powerful heart. Jordan is the best player in NBA history. I'm sure the fans won't be surprised by this resultThe so-called "kill" in basketball refers to
It refers to the last ball thrown at the last moment of the whole game, which will end the game and make your own side win. Generally, when the ball is scored, there is no time left for the other side, or only a small amount of time left for the other side, about less than or equal to 2 seconds. If there is more time, it must be called a quasi absolute kill. If there is more, it can only be called a key ballRanking of tExpert shot basketballhe top ten best shot players in NBA history
Friends who like playing basketball must have dreamed of putting themselves into the game. If such a scene really occurs, it can be boasted for a liExpert shot basketballfetime. In the NBA, of course, there are also some players with strong scoring ability at critical moments. Today, let's take stockHow can basketball be regarded as a quasi - Winner
The definition of "kill" is a phenomenon of basketball game. A goal that changes the game at or near the last moment is also abstract here. I usually throw a ball in the last few seconds (usually within 8 seconds)
Expert shot basketball

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