About GeekFundas.com

GeekFundas.com is the professional blog of Tony John, a webmaster of over 50 popular websites.

About Tony John

I started my first website in year 2000 and currently owns some of the popular websites in the world, which include technology blogs, educational websites and regional portals.

I worked as a software engineer for about 15 years before I quit my well paid job in USA and moved to India to focus on full time blogging. Even though I own several popular websites and a personal website, I decided to launch GeekFundas.com in September 2011 to focus fully on professional blogging, after getting inspiration from some of the top bloggers from India.

I am not really a popular blogger, but many of my websites are popular in India and world wide. dotnetspider.com is one of the most popular .NET tutorial websites. IndiaStudyChannel.com is one of the favorite sites of students and young professionals in India, offering lot of part time revenue opportunities and some social networking features.

If you like to contact me, please use the Contact us page. I will get back to you as soon as possible.