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Basketball blacksmith no matter what defense

2022-06-24 12:03A basketball player
Summary: Who are the iron kings of the NBA regular season and the playoffsPutting the ball into the basket is the foundation of basketball game. Like Jordan, the God of basketball, because of his strong talent
Who are the iron kings of the NBA regular season and the playoffs
Putting the ball into the basket is the foundation of basketball game. Like Jordan, the God of basketball, because of his strong talent and unsolved skills, no matter what defense he faces, he has a way to put the ball into the basket, which is an unstoppable existence. However, no matter how strong a player is, he can't hit a hundred goals, so striking iron has become a very common thingHow about McGrady's basketball skills
When I was young and talented, I could play whatever I wanted. I often saw McGrady's low arc and inexplicable goals. Once the talent period is over, you will become an expert in forging iron... Layups are often called by the basket, because there is no sense of talent. The technical representative is Kobe BryantWho plays the most iron in NBA
NBA player Kobe Bryant (Kobe Bryant) plays the most iron. Kobe Bryant: born on August 23rd, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, he is a former American professional basketball player, a professional point guard / smBasketball blacksmith  no matter what defenseall forward (swingman of front and back), and the son of former NBA player Joe Bryant. In the 1996 NBA draftWho are the top ten iron kings in NBA
Baylor is one of the most outstanding pitchers in NBA history. However, in the era when basketball technology is not yet fully mature, his average of 27.4 points per game has become the standard that people worship, and the forward style that can run, throw and grab has also become a template for all-around. However, as a pioneer, he also paid a priceWhat does striking iron mean? Who are the iron gods in the NBA now
According to the general basketball theory, the shooting rate of point guards should be very high, but the Nets' German Harris, the legendary "ghost" Harris, is now overturning this theory. At present, Harris' shooting percentage this season is only 40.1%, which was not 40% beforeNBA top ten blacksmiths
But what Durant and McGrady are similar to is not the sharp breakthrough, not the super toughness, but the perfect blacksmith. When it feels goodWhich NBA stars have the most irons
The eighth player is James, the only player on the list in active service. He has played 12230 irons in 17 seasons in his career. The seventh player is Jordan, the God of basketball. He has played 12345 irons in 15 seasons in his career. He is the player with the least number of games in the top ten of the ironmaking list, and the sixth is Jabbar, the historical scoring kingWho is the historical blacksmith of the NBA
It needs countless failures to verify. So the No. 1 blacksmith in NBA history, on the other hand, has made Kobe Bryant. In a sense, although this is a black list, for many basketball fans, Kobe's position in everyone's mind is still unshakableKobe's career hit rate is not bad, but why do many netizens laugh that he is a blacksmith
Some people say Kobe is a born basketball superstar. He ruled the NBA, won the Olympic gold medal, retired and became the image ambassador of the men's Basketball World Cup. After completing all his missions, he left the world. Kobe's generation is "Jordan in mind". In the future, some people may surpass Kobe in achievements, but his legend, Basketball blacksmith  no matter what defensewillpower and Mamba spirit are irreplaceableWho are the real iron kings in the NBA
They are definitely the real king of iron. Tracy McGrady Tracy McGrady is Kobe's lifelong enemy and friend. He was once a young man in white. He won the scoring king of the regular season for two consecutive seasons. He touched God with 35 seconds and 13 minutes. He is such a basketball poet McGrady
Basketball blacksmith no matter what defense

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