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Basketball experts' comments in their eyes

2022-06-30 13:03A basketball player
Summary: Is Yang Yi's comment on McGrady too subjective to be a commentatorAt least Francis won the All-Star position by his own strength, but CCTV 5 didn't think so. In their eyes, SF3 is just a player
Is Yang Yi's comment on McGrady too subjective to be a commentator
At least Francis won the All-Star position by his own strength, but CCTV 5 didn't think so. In their eyes, SF3 is just a player who destroys the team basketball. The level of Chinese basketball is different from that of the world basketball. Some people in China are calledBasketball experts' comments  in their eyes "experts"Who is your favorite basketball commentator? Why do you like him
In the domestic comments, only Wang Fei was coached. I think Wang Fei's ball in CBA last year was the most technical ball in CBA history. Coach Wang Fei's shortcoming is that he doesn't feel very passionate. But technically, the so-called Su Qun, Yang Yi and xujicheng are all basketball expertsBasketball experts, please answer
Speed OK? How about control on the court? In fact, many parameters like this can be played. However, it depends on the overall height and technical level of your team. You are only 15 years old and can develop in many ways. If you train your skills well, you will have a good performance. It is recommended to give priority to the positions of guard and striker, but this is not the caseWho plays best in NBA
He is one of the most pleasing pitching talents in the history of basketball. He is a model who can both run and pitch. He averaged 38.3 points per game in the 1961-1962 season. Today's "flying man" Jordan hasn't scored so many points in his regular season. What is more incredible is thatClassic comments on Jordan from all walks of life
North Korean prime minister - Kim Jong Il: Kim Jong Il's favorite player is Jordan. North Korean experts in the United States said: "Kim Jong Il's bookcase keeps almost all the game videos of Jordan during his time in the bulls." When former US Secretary of state Albright visited Pyongyang in 2000, she presented Kim Jong Il with Jordan's Autographed BasketballBasketball critics
It's hard to say. Personally, I think the Rockets' attack is up, but the same defense is down. They rely too much on the two superstars. The instability of the bench is the biggest obstacle. Moreover, the Rockets have a biggest drawback, that is, the fourth quarter of the nightmare. In many games, no one can stand up and score stably in the fourth quarterBasketball experts give some advice
Your height is very suitable for defenders. I am 173, versatile. When I was in college, I was on the school team. SG is an indispensable role in the team and can control the whole court. When you break through an oBasketball experts' comments  in their eyespponent, there will usually be another opponent to make up for it. Look at the opportunity to pass it to the missing teBasketball experts' comments  in their eyesammate. You go and she will pass it to youHow did the experts evaluate James, Wade and melon before the 2003 draft
James' template is Jordan. From 2002 to 2003, he has always been the most popular number one player. From the general manager of the team to all media fans, almost everyone is 100% sure that James is definitely the number one player. Even some famous basketball players praise James' physical quality and basketball IQAsk basketball experts to analyze whether this year's NBA rookies are strong or not
I tBasketball experts' comments  in their eyeshink Rubio is good. Of course, his scoring ability needs to be improved. Sam Bert of the Knicks is also good. Now, it's not clear which rookie is more powerful. After all, the NBA has to play more than 60 games. It can't completely deny other players just in the previous few games
Oden retired. How do you evaluate Oden's basketball career
He did not put all his energy on basketball while trying. In his opinion, life is colorful, and basketball is only orange, which can not fill his leisurely life. If one day you say he is a third rate basketball player, then he may refute you and say: I am a top life entertainer
Basketball experts' comments in their eyes

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