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How is Yao Ming, a basketball expert, healthy

2022-06-28 06:18A basketball player
Summary: His weight has exceeded 400 kg. What is the current situation of Yao MingHowever, getting fat also means living a comfortable life. Now their daughter is also growing up. Her daughter has inherited he
His weight has exceeded 400 kg. What is the current situation of Yao Ming
However, getting fat also means living a comfortable life. Now their daughter is also growing up. Her daughter has inherited her parents' good genes. She has long legs at a young age. Moreover, her daughter also likes basketball. I don't know whether she can become a professional athletHow is Yao Ming, a basketball expert, healthye in the futureThe famous basketball star Yao Ming appears in Kunming, Yunnan. What is his current situation
Recently, China's well-known basketball star Yao Ming appeared in Kunming, Yunnan Province to participate in the event. Many netizens also posted photos or videos of Yao Ming participating in the event on the social platform. It was a surprise to see that Yao Ming in the video was no longer as beautiful as that in the NBA period. After retirement, Yao Ming became more bloatedFrom the big bamboo pole to the Hulk figure, how terrible are the muscles on Yao Ming
After Yao Ming gained weight, the low post was indeed close to no solution, but with more injuries, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. After Yao Ming recovers from injury, his recovery training is usually in the water. At this time, Yao Ming's body is already in its strongest state. Look at this figure, it is a real version of the Hulk. Yao Ming has strong lower limbsHow is Yao Ming now
Yao Ming has another regret in his heart when he returns to the United States this time: he has no time to go back to Shanghai to cheer Xu Yong up. Recently, the illness of Xu Yong, the promising star of Shanghai basketball, has affected the hearts of many people, including his hometown Yao Ming. "It's a pity that he didn't have time to arrange the trip back to Shanghai this time, but once the conditions permit
How about Yao Ming's physical fitness
Speaking of physical fitnessHow much does Yao Ming weigh now
Yao Ming was born into a basketball family in Shanghai. His father is 2.08m and once played for Shanghai Men's basketball team; Mother is 1.88 meters. She was the main player of the Chinese women's basketball team in the 1970s. His parents' height traits and basketball loving genes were passed on to him unreservedly. He used superb sports skillsAs the most accomplished basketball player in China, can Yao Ming surpass James if he has no illness_ Hundred
In terms of achievements, the first person in the NBA is the emperor James. James has been gifted since he was young. After being discovered by the coach, he stepped into the path of basketball. As the NBA draft champion, he joined the Cleveland Cavaliers first in the first round. Yao Ming is also the No. 1 player in the NBA, but he failed to make such an outstanding record as JamesIs Yao Ming physically fitHow is Yao Ming, a basketball expert, healthy? Is Yi Jianlian in good health
In my opinion, Yi Jianlian's physical quality is better than Yao Ming's. In fact, when the Arab League entered the NBA, its physical quality had already surpassed the average value of black people. As an Asian, its physical quality was quite good. When Yao Ming first entered the NBA, he was relatively thin. After three years of training, his muscles and strengthCan you analyze the physical qualities of Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian in all aspects
In terms of physical talent, Yao Ming is still better than Yi, but Yi Jianlian is already very good. In fact, the biggest gap between the two is the part above the shoulder. After all, basketball is a game, involving a large number of real-time games and team collaboration. Yi Jianlian is a very self disciplined and self-motivated person, worthy of respectHow big is Yao Ming compared with other NBA stars
Yao Ming's figure is 2.26 meters tall and weighs 300 Jin. Now his height may be a little higher, but his weight must be more than 300 Jin. Anyway, according to his weight of 2.26 meters and 300 kilograms, it is invincible on the basketball court. His body shape was so superior that Howard was hanged by him. So how big is Yao Ming
How is Yao Ming, a basketball expert, healthy

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